Digital Paper Cups Printing

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Cheap, Fast & High Quality Digital Paper Cups Branding

High Quality, Cheap Fast Paper Cups Branding

Brand Your Company with Amazing Digital Printing on High Quality Paper Cups for Hot & Cold Drinks

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No Investment in Printing Plates

Digital Printing on Disposable Cups Saves the Cost of Printing Plates

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Unlimited Colours, Excellent Print Quality Paper Cups

Excellent Print Quality Paper Cups

Forget About the Colour Limitations of the Regular Paper Cups Printing! Let Your Cups' Branding Reach New Heights (and fast) With TAVOR Digital Paper Cups

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Quick Turnaround

Quick Turnaround

Tight Schedule?
Contact Us Today for your Quick Order of Printed Cups with Your Logo and Design

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Branding Paper Cups from a Small Minimum of Only 1 Box

Small Minimum of Only a 1000 cups

Don't want to Commit to a Large Quantity? No Problem - In Digital Printing the Minimum is the 1 Box of Cups

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Amazing Digital Paper Cups Printing • Branding Paper Cups for Hot & Cold Drinks • High Quality, Cheap & Fast • Custom Printed Paper Cups for Companies, Restaurants & Events

Branded Paper Cups Digital Printing

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D.C. Paper and Plastic Industries manufactures TAVOR Printed Paper Cups for over 30 years.
Our Digital Printing facility meets the strict production and quality standards of our factories that are ISO 9000 certified.
The company’s factory is located in Afula, Israel and exports its products to happy Clients in countries around the world.
Paper Cups Digital Printing technology is a the Perfect Solution for high quality printing for small quantity print runs at a very reasonable cost.
Digital printing on disposable cups for Coffee and cold drinks saves the cost of the printing plates and setup – so you are actually only paying for the cost of the cups.
With our technology every Coffee Shop & Buffet can brand themselves as a big chain! YES you can Brand Hot & Cold drinks Paper Cups with your company’s logo and design.
Cups printed in digital printing allow you to brand any company and office event: Conferences, Exhibitions, Launches, Employee Events and ongoing use.
The Digital Printing quality of printing is superior to Flexo and Offset, which we use for large print runs. With our Digital 300dpi print resolution your design will be more realistic than ever before.

TAVOR Digital Cups Superior print quality makes it possible to produce beautifully branded paper cups without traditional printing restrictions – you’re welcome to challenge us with special designs because this technology is designed for this.
Small Minimum Order: 1 Box of 1000 Cups, Bowls and China-Pack Take Away

Your Business, Your Design, Our Cups

We are Happy to Assist with Any Quantity of Printed Paper Cups

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30+ Years of Experience Printing Paper Cups

30+ years of experience

D.C. Pack's 30+ Years of Experience Printing Paper Cups, Will Make the Branding of Your Quality Paper Cups Quick & Easy

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Highest Production Standards

ISO - 9000

The Quality Process Complies with Strict Production Standards Approved by ISO - 9000

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Amazing Print Quality for Customized Paper Cups

High quality Digital Printing on disposable Coffee & Cold drinks paper cups
Our 30+ Years of experience makes your business paper cups branding easy, high quality & fast!
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D.C. Paper and Plastic Industries Ltd.

P.O. Box 164, Horashim 4586500, Israel
fax: 972-3-9005500


D.C. Paper and Plastic Industries Ltd., P.O. Box 164, Horeshim 4586500 
Phone: 972-3-9005555, Fax: 972-3-9005500 | [email protected] |
Part of D.C. Group, D.C. Paper and plastic Industries,  manufactures and markets TAVOR Printed Paper Cups for 30+ years, for the use of: restaurants, fast food, coffee shops, ice cream shops and office use. 

The company’s factory is equipped with the most innovative equipment for the production and printing of paper cups for cold / hot drinks and ice cream cups in different sizes. 
The factory operates in accordance with strict ISO 9000 certified production and quality standards. The company’s factory is located in Afula,  Israel and exports its products to dozens of countries around the world.